Kusadasi Paws & Claws

October 2016


During 2015, thanks to the devotion of local members and generous donations received from Kusadasi animal rescue group Paws & Claws supporters, a total of: 140 Cats received veterinary care 50 Dogs received veterinary care 40 Cats were spayed/neutered 10 Dogs spayed/neutered 9 Received immunization (These are numbers taken from the medical records of one of our vets. There are additions to these numbers as some animals were taken to different veterinary care centers at[…]

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Animal travel to EU countries procedures: Must be micro-chipped. Chipping date must be prior to rabies immunization date. Rabies immunization. Some vets prefer to do 2 shots 2 weeks apart, to increase the chances of getting the desired result from the following blood test. 30 days after the first rabies immunization, a blood sample MUST be taken from the animal, to be sent to a government lab in Ankara. – Results come back to the[…]

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Blind Buddy

Hi there Paws & Claws members! My name is Buddy, and I want to tell you my story. I was found, together with my sister, on the street by a lovely lady, Louise van Schaik. We both had very bad eye infections. Louise bought us to the vet and our treatment was started. Unfortunately, due to personal issues, Louise couldn’t continue to help us, but through Paws & Claws, she found us a new foster Mom[…]

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2016 Coffee Catch Up

Folks, if you missed our coffee morning, you really missed out on some serious good food and best kind of friendship you could find‼️ We met new friends, enjoyed Maggie Mellor’s beautiful yard, met her dogs, overdosed on coffee and helped the street animals all the while. Seriously, look at the pictures and see what you missed. Oh, well maybe next time… Thank you Maggie for opening your home. Thank you everyone for your kind[…]

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Lucky the One-eyed Warrior

Rae Marsh’s story: Lucky the One-eyed Warrior was first found with his mother and siblings behind the Chinese restaurant down by the harbour. His mother was rejecting him as he was ill and moved her brood around, leaving him behind. He was all of two weeks old. Sarah and her Turkish neighbour would return him to the family after he had been treated for his bad eyes. After about three days and many hide-and-seek returnings[…]

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