Kusadasi Paws & Claws

Blind Buddy

Hi there Paws & Claws members!

My name is Buddy, and I want to tell you my story.

I was found, together with my sister, on the street by a lovely lady, Louise van Schaik. We both had very bad eye infections. Louise bought us to the vet and our treatment was started. Unfortunately, due to personal issues, Louise couldn’t continue to help us, but through Paws & Claws, she found us a new foster Mom in Ramona Cahill (she is writing this for me).

Again we had to go to the vet to be treated for parasites and a new treatment to try and save our eyes. The intense treatments for our eyes started. It was a very uncomfortable treatment for us and we didn’t like it, as it did hurt quite a bit, but my sister Cali was lucky enough to get sight back in one eye. Unfortunately for me . . . I had no luck and ended up as . . . “Blind Buddy”.

Another lovely lady, Oya Sume Davidson, posted on the Paws and Claws site to try and find me a home in Kusadasi, because I would not survive on the streets as a blind cat, but there was no one out there who could take me, until my angel, Eileen Jones, who runs an animal rescue in Wales called Wonky Towers came to my rescue and funded my preparations to go to the UK to be re-homed.

After the preparations and quarantine period were over, off I went to Wales with Paws Bulgaria. I was quite scared being away from my foster home . . .  but I am a brave little cat and was treated well, so I slowly started to get used to the big changes is my life and remained my “happy little self” as best I could. At the moment I  am living with Lynn Taylor who has given me a great place to stay until I get a “place of my own”.


Something else very special is about to happen to me soon. A couple living in England, Marje and Rick Painter, who had previously lived in Kusadasi Turkey, and worked very hard for the Paws & Claws group there, saw my picture and fell in love with me and there is a very big chance that I will be able to have my “forever home” with them !!!


I have been a VERY lucky boy . . .  but the animal-loving people who have had the chance to meet me and spend time with me are lucky too because I am such a beautiful, funny, and happy little guy. It would have been such a loss had I not been found as a baby and helped by all the people mentioned above . . .

Thank you so much all the members of Paws and Claws who have made my “life story”a happy positive one.