Kusadasi Paws & Claws


Lucky the One-eyed Warrior

Rae Marsh’s story: Lucky the One-eyed Warrior was first found with his mother and siblings behind the Chinese restaurant down by the harbour. His mother was rejecting him as he was ill and moved her brood around, leaving him behind. He was all of two weeks old. Sarah and her Turkish neighbour would return him to the family after he had been treated for his bad eyes. After about three days and many hide-and-seek returnings[…]

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Recycling / Food Dispensing Machines for Street animals

Kusadasi is one of the towns that has implemented new hybrid recycling / food dispensing machines in Turkey. So far, just one machine has been installed, at Yunus Emre Park, next to Gurmar Supermarket in town. Every time you put an empty water bottle or can in the hole, the machine dispenses food for hungry street animals.  It’s a great way to develop a culture of recycling and to feed the hungry street animals! So,[…]

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What I am about to post is something that will make each and every one of you happy and proud! Happy that we were able to accomplish this. Proud that we each are a part of this huge accomplishment…. Following are the P&C statistics for January 1, 2015 through to today: 140 Cats received veterinary care 50 Dogs received veterinary care 40 Cats were spayed/neutered 10 Dogs spayed/neutered 9 Received immunization (These are numbers taken[…]

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