Kusadasi Paws & Claws

Lucky the One-Eyed Warrior

Lucky the One-eyed Warrior was first found with his mother and siblings behind the Chinese restaurant down by the harbour. His mother was rejecting him as he was ill and moved her brood around, leaving him behind. He was all of two weeks old.  After much love and care from P&C members Rae and family, and then Marje, who continued Lucky’s care until he was well enough to go to a more permanent home, he was transferred in May 2015 to join Ann & Alan’s “colony”.  By this time Lucky had had one eye removed, and needed regular visits to the vet to treat eye and skin infections.

Rather feisty in nature, Lucky has been known to scratch and bite his carers. He also had an unfortunate accident where he fell out a window and landed on a stationary truck below. But again his warrior spirit prevailed, and he recovered and continued to be his feisty self.

Since then Lucky has continued to battle numerous skin infections and abscesses, but has gradually become a bit more tolerant of his carers and now lives relatively independently – just like a grown up child, comes to join Ann & Alan’s kitty colony from time to time for a good meal, then heads back out for some alone time.  Lucky’s story is truly amazing and has been documented by Ann – take a look at the full story of Lucky the One-Eyed Warrior here.