Kusadasi Paws & Claws


My name is “Stinky” and I am a Paws & Claws cat from a while ago. I am a handsome street cat who still lives on a site in Davutlar.

It was the beginning of the fall of 2015, and I was maybe 3 months old when I was found. I was so very ill I could barely walk but I was so hungry and thin that I had to try to find something to eat. I was wary of strangers but really too miserable and weak to put up much fight when I was found, given some soft food, and brought to the vet. My mouth was really so badly infected, that to the human nose, I gave off a stench comparable to a sewer, and so I ended up with my name . . . “Stinky”

When I saw the vet, he said that I was in bad shape and needed intravenous medications for a week, so two lovely people were asked to help me.  Rae Marsh and Dave Lowe gave very generously of their time and expertise to help me that first week to get the infection cleared up so I could eat and drink more easily and put on some weight and thrive.  They would every day drive to where I was staying and set up the drip – I am so very thankful to them for helping me!

Once the infection was cleared up, I did thrive and grew into a very gentle happy affectionate cat. Even though I have remained a street cat, I am lucky to have someone to watch over me, to supply me with daily food, water and a place to shelter if I need it, and to get me antibiotics when my mouth gets infected again. I am now over 2 years old. I am doing OK now . . .  but I know that if I hadn’t received help when I was a “wee fellow”, I would not be here today.

A big ‘thank you’ to the people who support this group financially. Without your financial support, the people who do the caring would not be able to do what THEY do to help, as it gets quite expensive with everything involved in making a sick animal well again. We Kuşadası street animals REALLY rely on those donations and we are very thankful for the help we get. If you would like to make a donation, no matter how small, please click here.

Kuşadası Paws & Claws volunteers can’t save every sick street animal – but when everyone bands together to help where they can . . . miracles do happen!