Kusadasi Paws & Claws

Site Cat

by Ramona C.

As promised I am writing today about a little “site/street cat” that Paws and Claws have taken under their wing for health care.

A few weeks back I noticed that this cat was “very inactive and sleeping a lot” for quite some time. He was not really sick looking, and I had seen he was eating and drinking, but he was not quite “right” so I payed a bit more attention. His paws and nose were completely white as were his gums. It was decided to bring him to the vet for a check. Blood work showed him to be in very serious condition with anaemia probably due to a flea/tick borne blood parasite. Tachycardia due to the anaemia … his little heart was working overtime !!

We have been busy with treatment for two weeks to turn him around, but euthanasia had been discussed last week .. his blood values were that seriously low 🙁

HOWEVER …. Today’s check was a good one I am happy to report, 🙂 and thanks to Paws & Claws, and his vets professionalism, he has a good chance at complete recovery <3

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE … pet owners … use a GOOD flea and tick prevention for your pets !! Ticks and Fleas carry NASTY diseases that can be fatal …

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