Kusadasi Paws & Claws


The story of Winx, by Brenda C.

Nearly a year ago to the day on a wet and windy evening Oya was driving home when she came across this guy on the road hit by a car.  She had passed him, but on the chance that he might be still alive she returned to where she had seen him.  Against all odds, he was still breathing but was in a really bad way. As the Paws and Claws vet was not working at the time she took him to another vet after examining him it was found that he had a shattered back a bad back paw and internal injuries.  It was touch and go that he would make it through the night and if he did he would lose the back leg.

He stayed strong and fought hard and for some reason got through those first few dark days. Oya then put out a plea for him to go to a foster home we where still not sure he would survive He arrived here and for weeks Alan and I took him everyday to the vet, working with his leg and back we managed to save the leg. However, just as this was healing I noticed a problem with his tail he was chewing it the vet reckoned after all he had been through the chewing was a psychological problem but one morning I woke and it was hanging off. Off we went to the vet and he just snipped it off, but the problem did not end here.  Over the next few weeks he continued to chew the next piece of tail so it was decided to remove the next bit and if this did not work the whole tail would have to go.  

Thankfully, after the shortening of the tail he stopped and suddenly started to improve, and from that day he has gotten stronger and stronger, and he did not have to have the paw removed.  He is now a healthy cat and although his back and paw will never be normal, he is living a full life. Although under the care of Paws and Claws, as he needs ongoing attention, he will be living here with me in his forever home as we decided he had been through enough and is still very scared.

This and all the other stories are only made possible by the donations and sponsorship we get from all of you, so from Winx and I, we cannot say thank you enough to all of you.