We are a group of animal lovers joined for the purpose of helping the street and shelter animals of Kusadasi.

Kusadasi Paws and Claws (Kusadasi Hayvanlara Yardim Dernegi) is a registered charity. Our primary purpose is to provide medical/veterinary care for street animals in Kusadasi. As a registered charity we have an executive board and have strict guidelines around how we operate.

Our work is aimed at:

  1. Primarily, medical emergency needs.
  2. Funds permitting, spaying and neutering animals that have entered our care for treatment reasons. This will be done if funds are available when the animal is in good health and pending the decision of the Paws and Claws Executive Directors.
  3. Providing food and other care needs for the animal in foster care, to the person(s) providing the care.
  4. Finding homes for street and shelter animals when possible.
  5. Helping and supporting each other to serve our joint purpose.

The Kusadasi Paws and Claws Facebook page is used to post details of lost and found pets, and as a forum for all members to address issues, problems and share the joys of our animal world. Any posts that are found to be from breeders to sell for profit or any advertisement for profit will be removed.
Businesses and individuals who are contributors to our group will be honored and mentioned whenever appropriate.