by Cora Brosnan

Korsan is Turkish for Pirate. Now, it might look as if that is the ideal name for our July model but in reality someone needs to ask the question  – how did this female dog end up with that name?

Well like all my stories……’s a long one!  Cork people are incapable of making a long story short so instead of Korsan chasing around after her tail, here is her tale…….

Korsan was found as a tiny girl on the side of a road here in Kusadasi. Her left eye was severely damaged, and, after extensive Veterinary investigation it could not be saved for neither love nor money.   What was left of her eye was surgically removed and post–op. she was placed into foster care locally.  She was in foster care when I met her, on our 2020 calendar photo shoot day the 16th March 2019.  

We all know the 1843, Hans Christian Andersen  fairy tale of  “The Ugly Duckling” which tells the story of the homely little bird born in a barnyard who suffers abuse / bullying from all around him, until he starts to mature and beauty is bestowed on him…….his maturity turns him into a beautiful swan.  Well I took one look at Korsan and realized she wasn’t ever going to have that as her story……my job was to make her look attractive, lovable and hopefully someone would fall in love with her from her photo and then want to meet her.

So I selected my Mexican Señorita costume………. I put the white cotton top with the roseate pink ribbon, aquamarine green ribbon and the essential gold trimming on her.  What girl couldn’t be improved with those fine feathers

She allowed me to put it on over her head and then just stood there and looked at me…….

That’s when the conversation started:

Korsan: You Amateur, look at my ears, I can’t carry that outfit off.  I’m not THE pretty Señorita type.  You have already accepted I’m not “The Ugly Duckling” so get a move on and sort this out.

Cora:  OMG you can read my mind, Gee I’m so, so sorry I never meant to hurt your feelings, please forgive me, OMG truly I didn’t mean to hurt you, looks like you’ve had plenty of that already.

So I took off the Mexican Señorita costume and sat looking at her, she sat there quietly looking at me then it dawned on me……….

Cora: ohhh wait, I have the ideal outfit for you, I’ve even got a load of props, ohhh this will be brilliant, just wait, you’ll be blown away hahahaha ( I missed the mark slightly and sounded more like Vincent Price from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video.

So up went the props, the Lighthouse, the treasure box with pearls dangling, refracting telescope (amazing what you can make with kitchen roll holder,  toilet roll holder and some tin foil, hook, sword, blood stained (well red dye) torn scarf,  eye patch with cross bones (cross BONES get it…………for the dog…………No?  never mind!) blue sailors outfit with patches and matching  ban dana.  Talk about a theme….I was planning on expanding the outfit to fit myself for the Halloween Party!

In this case I think the photo speaks for itself………..

Korsan was NOT impressed.

I looked at her and said Can’t you see I’m trying to help you?

Korsan: By dressing me up like a Muppet!!!

Cora: No, not a Muppet, a Pirate.

Korsan: But I’m a girl!

Cora: Yea but that’s what makes you so special – you are sailing the 7 seas, finding treasure, you’ve been slightly disabled but you’ve found a career to suit your personal attributes.

Korsan: What you talking about?

Cora: Well, look at you, you’re tall, beautiful, lovable, yet I bet you can look terrifying, threatening – like say if someone decided to try to steal your treasure, or hurt those that you love or those that help you……………..

Korsan: You mean like this?

Cora: Ohh boy, I mean girl, yea, just like that………….wow, I’m a bit afraid of you now myself…….

Korsan: Ohhh don’t be, you’re weird but you seem harmless………

Cora: Ohh right, I’ll take that as a compliment then will I?   On second thoughts don’t bother  answering that…………..

Korsan: Woff,  I do a very good pensive mood pose, how about this, gentle with a hint of threat?

Cora: Ohh wow you sure have that pensive 1940s look sussed.

Korsan: Yea, but then they’ll probably just look at me and feel sorry for me, then if I’m lucky enough to get adopted they’ll probable not want to look at my depressing face for long and I’ll be thrown to the streets again……

Well that killed the positivity vibe in me………….but onwards we must go…………….

Cora: Truly, I think you have a regal vibe going there, you just have to learn to hold your head up, there was a Val Doonican song, God it was way back in my day…………….

And I cleared my throat……

Walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye
That’s what my mama told me when I was about knee high
She said, son, be a proud man and hold your head up high
Walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye

Korsan: Ohh God, please stop, stick to the costume making or whatever it is you do, but give my ears a break with the “singing”………………

Cora: Ohh now you’re a Comedian…………

Woff, woff!!

Ohh WOW now as they say in the movies……….HOLD THAT POSE ……………

We are happy to report that Korsan is now adopted and is living happily in her furever home in the UK.