Animal travel to EU countries procedures:

  • Must be micro-chipped. Chipping date must be prior to rabies immunization date.
    Rabies immunization. Some vets prefer to do 2 shots 2 weeks apart, to increase the chances of getting the desired result from the following blood test.
  • 30 days after the first rabies immunization, a blood sample MUST be taken from the animal, to be sent to a government lab in Ankara. – Results come back to the vet with proper paperwork in around 2-3 weeks. – There is a 3 month waiting/quarantine period after the date the blood was drawn for Ankara lab.
  • Upon completion of this period, animal can be ready to travel anytime as long as the annual rabies immunizations are done on time. – Within 5 days prior to travel, animal must receive internal and external parasite treatments from a vet and must be documented by the vet. This has to be completed within 5 days of travel but not within the last 24 hours of travel time. There must be 24 hours between this treatment and travel time.
  • You MUST register animal with Belediye, through Belediye vet at the dog shelter ,and have a registration number posted in the animals booklet. All documents must be taken to the government office (not Belediye) In town to be approved by vet Huseyin. This last process is roughly 155 TL (subject to change by the government anytime) and covers the first animal, each additional animal belonging to the same owner is 50 TL each for registration.
  • Only 5 animals can travel at one time, under one owner name.