During 2015, thanks to the devotion of local members and generous donations received from Kusadasi animal rescue group Paws & Claws supporters, a total of:

140 Cats received veterinary care
50 Dogs received veterinary care
40 Cats were spayed/neutered
10 Dogs spayed/neutered
9 Received immunization

(These are numbers taken from the medical records of one of our vets.
There are additions to these numbers as some animals were taken to different veterinary care centers at the absence of our main veterinary care team.)

So far this year, to the end of September 2016, 275 cats and 18 dogs – a grand total of 293 street animals – have had their suffering lessened by you.  Well done every one!!

Kusadasi Paws and Claws is funded totally by public donations.  Please visit our Donate page to see how you can make a difference!