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Urgent Help Needed!

Help Needed Urgently UPDATE – Monday, 19 December!! On Monday we took additional food to the shelter for the dogs and witnessed the power of social media. After our call for kindness and food, apparently the municipality sent 15-20 bags of food to the shelter. Although I may never be forgiven for creating the action, I am happy that between the food that came in and what we are collecting several hundred animals will not[…]

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Whispers, the Beach Cat

Whispers Sharon found this very sick teenager lying, all alone, in front of Ladies Beach Hotel last Saturday, the day of our Christmas Table-top Sale. The poor thing couldn’t walk and could hardly breath. She thought that kitty was going to die. Sharon messaged through an urgent SOS to Mary, who passed it on to Ann, then to Alan . . . who was resting at home, recovering after a long night flight. Without time[…]

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Meet Zeki! In June 2016 Carol Anderson came across Zeki. A Turkish friend of Carol’s neighbour had found Zeki in her hairdresser’s. They thought that he had had glue poured over him, as his eyes and mouth were so ‘stuck up’ with bloody pus. He was estimated to be 2 months old by our vet at that time but he was very small for his age. In his small body, there laid a huge will[…]

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